WK15 – Classmate Conversation – Laura Nicassio (part 2)

Hey guys! So this week rather than finding someone new, I lucked out and got the opportunity to speak with Laura again and get an update from the last conversation we had. She’s always a great conversationalist, so as you may imagine, talking to her was great!

Basically from the last post, you got to see a little bit about what she is interested in and studying in school. Well Laura’s classes have been going great this semester and she is actually really enjoying the year. She’s even planning on taking a summer course to get ahead of the game. I could learn a thing or two from her, lol.

As for personal interest, she is still very well into hot Italians lol. She’s been working extra hard at her job too, now she’s a manager. She has to work more hours, but she says it’s worth it. I certainly am happy for her. Oh! She’s also been hitting the gym more lately, health activist in the making? haha, maybe. Again, I could learn a thing or two. Well that’s all for the update, but I had a really great time listening to how she’s been and I’m glad we got the chance to meet this semester.

Laura is on the right in this one (:

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