WK15 – Art Experience- Design Thinking

5 years from now, I plan to be either in or graduated from the masters program of social work. I’d like to be able to find a career in the field that specializes with younger kids. Everyone tells me that there are more opportunities working with the older generation, but kids are my passion. To make a difference for a crowd that has their whole lives ahead of them, is a dream. I think every generation wants to make life better or easier for the next. So I’m also a pretty preplanned person and by the time 5 years passes, I think I would want to be engaged or moved out. I don’t know if my relationship will last or not, but right now I’m happy with my boyfriend and hope that things do reach that point.

So, if all else fails and I’m unable to get into the masters program for social work, I think I would be happy doing what I can to still make a difference in this world. 5 years from now, my “plan B” would probably revolve around a family life style. I’d like to be close to settling down or venturing out on my own. I’d be fine just renting an apartment and having furry babies. Lol, for all those that don’t know what I mean, I mean dogs. I love animals and I’ve always wanted a husky. I had one before, but he passed. I think I’d like to buy and have one 5 years from now.

Ok, so here it goes, if I was financially secure in 5 years then I would take some time and do some traveling. I mean it’s probably a cliche and everyone may have the same ideas. But if you had the opportunity to see all the wonders of the world, wouldn’t you? Of course, I’d like to bring along my boyfriend or maybe my family cause seeing the world together and sharing the moment is so much cooler than seeing it alone. Not to mention, I am a huge food enthusiast, so I’d probably like to try as much food as I possibly can lol. The first on my list is definitely going to be anything caviar. I mean people pay so much and I want to know just how grand the taste is for them to do so.


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