WK8 – Art Experience – Fingerpainting

This was absolutely, hands down, the best experience yet. There was something about painting with my fingers that made the whole experience liberating. Feeling the cool paint on my fingertips was such a oddly satisfying feeling. Kind of like how people have started a trend of creating slime. Only the paint made allowed me to move about and leave behind something wonderful to me. This was the easiest experience and I think the only hard part was deciding what colors to use. I had no game plan, just my fingers and some paint. Of course, the pictures will prove my indecisiveness considering I used them all lol. It’s definitely something I recommend. It’s nothing detailed like I’ve seen from other artists but it’s something I’m proud of. I will say however, you could get a carried away from the emotions that enable movement upon your hands and the paint. I know I surely got carried away lol. Check it out from my pictures below!

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