WK7 – Classmate Conversation – Maria Romo

Hey guys! Meet Maria Romo. She and I had such a fun-filled conversation recently. I found out she’s a movie junkie!! How great is that? I mean movies are like the best way to past time next to music. Her all time favorites are Whiplash and The Breakfast Club. But her current favorite is La La Land. We talked about that movie and I absolutely agree with her about it being a must see. Aside from the movies, she is a comms major and intends on minoring in poly science. She will be declaring after next semester! And get this? She’s only in her first year of college; second semester. She has definitely got her ducks in a row, lol. Oh and she wants a pug! We got to talking about dogs and she even has names ready to go if she ever gets one. It’s currently between Susan and Bailey. Im currently rooting for Bailey, haha. Comment below or on her page linked to her name to let her know what name she should lean toward!

New snapchat buddies! ( Maria, Right ; Me, Left)



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