WK5 – Artist Conversation – Emily Anne Barnett

Hey guys! You’re in for a treat. Today I’m going to talk about Emily Anne Barnett. She is a really easy person to talk to and her art is very relatable if you ever found comfort in something or someone through a tough time.


Artist: Emily Barnett

Exhibition: Recent Works on Paper

Media: Printmaking and Lithograph

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: emilyannebarnett.com

Instagram: @emily_b_anne

Emily pictured with her art.


Emily is a current graduate student of CSULB. She used to be a student of Humboldt State University, where she finished her undergraduate education before transferring over. She is now apart of the print making program offered at CSULB. Emily has had showcases before the one I’ve had the privilege of viewing and has been drawing seriously for about 9 years now. She says that her work tend to represent a harder time in her life. She has struggled with anxiety her whole life and had previously struggled with depression. It’s through her work and her words that I was able to understand where her inspiration came from.


Through our conversation, I was able to learn from Emily quite a few things regarding her work. One in which was the typical duration each piece would take and that was anywhere between 4 days – 3 weeks depending on the piece itself. She works her pieces out on lithograph. Which she explained as this limestone material.



The pieces she picked for this particular showcase were representations of her go-to comfort item. Which in this case is the little bear shown above. If you haven’t guessed it, it’s actually Pooh Bear. The little girl in the piece is a representation of her. The piece as a whole is this little girl seeking comfort through her bear. Which throughout her showcase, one will notice is an over all relativity to her struggles I mentioned earlier.


Emily was super nice about having been questioned. I found her art to be relatable and somewhat comforting just seeing them. It created this moment of nostalgia for my own go-to comfort item. Which was actually this little blanket I used to have. Nap time, time-out time, sad times, and happy times; I had that blanket through it all. Unfortunately, I lost that blanket during a move when I was younger but now I just find comfort in my dogs. Can’t wait to see what else Emily comes up with! And before I end this blog, she wanted to share with other people struggling as she did that they should definitely get help. She says getting help is the most beneficial thing someone in a tough situation can do for themselves. I agree!


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