WK4 – Artist Conversation – Jenny Cho

Hey there guys! I’ve got more fun to share. Thankful to say I had the privilege of viewing another gallery and art showcasing. This time by the lovely Jenny Cho.


Artist: Jenny Cho
Exhibition: Inprocess
Media: Drawing and Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Instagram: cxthxdx_gxrl

Jenny Cho pictured with some of her most recent piece.


After having the privilege of listening to Jenny Cho speak at her showcase. I learned that she is a feminist and through her art she is trying to deliver an important message. In which, I’ll be glad to explain in my formal analysis. She’s still an undergraduate, however this is her last semester at CSULB. Jenny Cho is also currently majoring in drawing and painting.


Jenny Cho is trying to convey a message to her audience. She wants people to see her work and not think craft just because she’s a woman. Rather, an artist bringing two elements together to redefine the lines of where “craft” and “fine art” meets. Her point is to make a point that the “craft” doesn’t have to be a woman’s work. It does have to be your average female just looking to a hobby. Her philosophy of thinking is to be able to bring two ideas together and create just the one. She compares this to men and women; to how they shouldn’t negotiate, but become accepting of one another. Over all, she wants her audience to think about women’s work and femininity because it’s strong.


For the art piece above, Jenny Cho was trying to convey the duality of two opposing sides into this one art piece. She mentions the meaning behind the bloomed and un-bloomed flowers on opposing sides. Describing them as “nature vs. technology”

This second art piece above, she spoke about as a representation of herself. But with greater meaning behind it as well. She wanted to be able to advocate for feminism and incorporate the gay community. She talks about this double standard for women. When “slut shaming” deteriorates a woman’s worth. Versus the “ideal” woman who is limited or restricted by the standards of others. She says that you can exist in both “realms” however. She wants to push against this idea that it’s one or the other by depicting herself in this piece. And how she is the living proof.


Over all, this showcase was beautiful. I was able to appreciate the art and the artist. Her message was one to embrace being a young lady myself. I aspire to have a greater idea of life and how to live in it. Today, the world seems more black and white again. So for her to share her art is like a reminder that our world needs to be colored with all colors of the rainbow. In other words, we need to broaden our mind sets and become more accepting. Thank you Jenny Cho for allowing myself and others the opportunity to hear you speak and exhibit your art works.


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