WK4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package (ACP)

Delivery girl. (myself)

Hey guys! This week, I got the opportunity to create and deliver an art care package for someone of my choosing. I decided to choose my boyfriend. Considering I have not been in touch as much with my creative side, it took me a while to collect the pieces before “sending” it out. Now I say “send” with quotes, cause I made the delivery into the mailbox on my own lol. I’ve never sent personal mail, so it seemed like the easier option.

Ready to be packed and delivered.

Anyways, getting into the package itself. So above you can see all the pieces I’ve selected to include. With each piece, I’ll explain the art factor behind it in order for people who can’t read my mind to see into my perception of the piece. (:

What do you meme?

I’ve decided to include this game called, “what do you meme?” Basically, memes are forms of expression; art are forms of expression. Therefore through the game and it’s players, I thought it would be a perfect way to spread art.

Best way to blow smoke.

The incense were included as an art form to me; something I like to tie in with art. Growing up, incense always created this last smoke until it burned out. The smoke would then cast an array of squiggles in the air.

Happiness in 3.

The polaroid pictures were 3 of my doggies. My boyfriend, Brandon, gets the best joy out of seeing them. As do I of course. I like to think art contributes to how someone feels and I wanted to capture the happiness through my doggies.

Techno Love.

The robot was really just something I liked to look at. I thought it was cute. And sometimes, art can just be something to admire. No real message or story behind it. Just pleasing to the eye.

“sample” of my sample ballot.

I cut out a part of my sample ballot as a symbol of having a voice. But only just as a “sample”. I suppose a play on words. Like we, my generation of young adults, have only gotten a taste of what having a voice is like. I feel like everything going on, we need to be reminded that we are being given that voice and to do something with it.

Everything I used to create this piece of expression.

Now, my art piece I created! Well, it may not be the best out there, but you can say I was inspired. A little glitter goes a long way and I wanted to express my emotions on there using the glitter. The shoes and name was only to signify who exactly I was being expressive towards. Which of course was my boyfriend, Brandon.

Package received! (:

Overall the experience was very cool and Brandon also enjoyed it. He really gets a kick out of being included in my art experiences and it was fun thinking of what to send. Maybe I’ll make more! Who knows? Lol.


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