WK3 – Artist Conversation – Megan Macuen


Artist: Megan Macuen

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Mixed-media, Fiber

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Website: N/A

Hey there guys! I have an exciting story to share. I had the privilege of viewing art works of  various artists. However, the part of the experience I’d like to focus on is one with Megan Macuen. She has developed some beautiful pieces in which I’d like to share with you through this post.

Megan Macuen (artist) photographed by sculpture “untitled 1”


First, let’s meet the artist. Megan Macuen, pictured above with one of her sculptures, is not only an artist but a student as well. She’s in her first year of the masters program at CSULB for the fiber major. And has began creating her work this year, in terms of school that is. She more specifically said the pieces displayed were created last semester; over winter break. This showing as my comments may have suggested, is the first of I hope more to come.


For the art sculpture displayed above, this is it’s story. She had found children’s sculptures to be quite fascinating. Thus leading to the collection of what is displayed upside down. She describes this piece as “levels of ideals of perfection. The realm beneath are like child land. The above is perceived perfection.” Each of which is a hand-painted piece to create the uniform look that it has.

“untitled 3”


I had asked the artist, herself, as to what inspired these pieces. She said the net beneath the sculpture she is pictured with, came from a nightmare she had as a younger child. She said that her recurring nightmare included skeletal pirates, however she left that out of her work. Each piece had a relationship and she was drawn to just that. Aside from the net, she said she worked like dominoes. Each step came at it’s own pace and followed the other without having preplanned her finishing piece.

“untitled 2”


I was fortunate to speak with Megan Macuen myself. Her artwork was creative and inspiring. It never had a plan, but the outcome had a story within each build or attribute to its build if that makes more sense. That alone, speaks volumes. I can appreciate her art because I feel like her process of work an conclusive ideas behind why her work came out the way it did, is entirely applicable to life. We don’t know where we are headed in life, but once we reach a point, it makes sense and it connects. Just as her art pieces did.

Her words to the art spectators.

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