Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Jonathan Duran

Love these filters! They’re so funny and light hearted. Here’s our picture together. (Jonathan- Right, Me- Left).

Hey there guys! This is Jonathan Duran. If you don’t already know him well get ready. After reading this you just might want to cause he’s such a cool guy. Our conversation together made me realized he’s easy to talk to and extremely nice. I look forward to possibly becoming good friends!

So let’s get into it! It turns out that he and I attended the same high school. If you’re curious, which you must be to be reading this lol, we went to Lakewood High School. Although we never met I suppose because he’s a grade above me. Which would make this his second year in college. Neat, right? Now I have another person who may be able to share advice for how to get through my first year!

So more about Jonathan… he’s a Engineer major. Watch out! Haha. Talk about leading a path of success. We are constantly tearing things down and improving them and it’s the engineers that put in a lot of the foundation. So that was really cool to learn about him and I’m sure his hard work taking hard classes will pay off one day. Rooting for you Jon! Oh, that’s another thing. He likes to go by Jon sometimes. It was a nickname given to him and it stuck.

As I was saying earlier, Jon is a Engineer major and he is in his second year. This is his fourth semester so far and he’s hoping to declare that major after we finish this semester. Actually let’s not say hope, just hearing him talk about this all. I think it’s safe to say he sounded confident enough to know he WILL be declaring after this semester.

Now, when Jon isn’t studying or working hard on the school work, he’s pretty laid back. He likes to spend his down time video gaming. I asked how he feels about concerts and he says he’s more of a video game type of guy. Which is pretty cool! Just shows you that you could still be a kid, have fun, and work hard to where you need to get to be. So, I suppose if I haven’t already convinced you yet how cool he is, you could check out Jon’s Blog by clicking the link. Have a conversation with him when you get the chance, he might just be someone you want to add to your wide range of friends!


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