Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscape With a Corpse

“Did you get enough sleep yet?”

Here it is guys. A painless death, or at least that’s how I interpreted it. For this picture I was inspired by something that had happened in Elementary. A friend of mine had passed away in her sleep, at least that’s what we were told in the 3rd grade. I’d like to think that that is exactly what happened, because she was just as young and losing her life was already a tragedy. Although we didn’t get to see her grow, I’d like to think based upon my beliefs that she was reborn and is living a happy and healthy life.

Although I was inspired by an actual event, my twist of this death was to depict a college student who has yet to learn how to manage her sleep. Until one day, the sleep she gets is the sleep she never wakes up from. That is the inspiration behind my caption for this photo, “Did you get enough sleep yet?”

The dog in the picture was my shining co-star, Pichu. I can’t link his blog cause his owners have yet to make him one lol. However, the idea behind having him in this shot is to depict how aggressively he is scratching at my belly to wake me up. In order to get him to do this, I used the arm not shown in the picture to squeeze his toy beneath the blanket in which he tried to retrieve it by what he believes is “digging” into my stomach.

Before concluding this post I’d like to leave off on a brighter note with this photo of my co-star and I. As well as a special thank you to Paula Nhem for using her room, Pichu for being a good doggy, and my boyfriend for taking the pictures. His name is Brandon Nhem and he has also taken this course previously, so here Brandon’s Blog in case you’d like to check out his work.

Me trying to reason with him to lay still before changing the whole concept of how to take the picture.



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