Wk1- Art Experience- Plaster Casting

Most of everything used!

Hey there! Here’s a post about my experience doing a plaster casting. Man, you’re gonna get a kick out of this one. So, my friend Jon and I decided to work on this project together. However we had originally thought the due date got pushed back and well lets just say we got it done and the end result sure is unique!

Sunday evening, and instead of laundry and resting, our lazy day has become a mission. We made a few trips, one of which was Daiso. A pretty cool shop with things pretty much marked down to $1.50. not bad if you ask me! So, we went ahead and bought a shovel. Then we were on our merry way to Sunset Beach.

Just to give you an idea how late it was getting.

It was at Sunset Beach where all the magic happened. The sun was starting to set, so you’d have to imagine plaster casting in the dark was not the easiest task. I’ve helped my boyfriend in the past complete these project before however, so it wasn’t a complete lost cause.

We began digging up the holes and collecting the water. Considering how late in the evening it was though, getting the water became a risky gamble of staying warm or freezing. So, I risked it. Didn’t like it however, so Jon pulled through for us both and rolled up his pants and got in that water. What an amazing friend!

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Once we actually got the water and our holes were dug, we each stuck our hand in them to form a mold. Packing in the sand was oddly relaxing cause of the cool feeling brought about from the sand. I will say that pulling out our hands were the more difficult part. We didn’t completely fail, I don’t think at least. Haha. A bit of sand fell into each of our molds after removing our hands but I’d like to think they still held up well.

Onto the actual plaster now! So the mixing process was pretty quick we had too much water and decided to pour some out before mixing in the powder. However, once the powder mixed in, nothing much changed. Lol, I bet you expected something magical. Actually, Jon and I expected something thicker and cool as well. But instead we just got this white or off white base liquid formula.

After this point, we decided to pour it into our molds and just see what’ll happen. After all, art is what we make of it. It’s the imperfect ones that shine through the crowd!

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We waited a bit, maybe 30+ minutes for the plaster to dry and finally! Voila! Two unique sculptures are born. We scooped around them and rubbed the sand off a bit. Here you can see a picture of my end result. Overall, the experience was fun and memorable. I think that it wasn’t as tough as it initially was the first time helping my boyfriend. Not sure if I’d do it again, but if I did perhaps I’ll stick to daytime and wetter sand!


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