Wk1- Classmate Conversation- Laura Nicassio

Laura’s Blog

Here’s our first picture together! Courtesy of Snapchat. (Left-me, Right-Laura)

Hey there! If you haven’t already met this young lady yourself, maybe this post will help you see how awesome she is. This is Laura Nicassio, she’s a human development major here at CSULB. Her birthday is coming up soon too! So if you see her around on February 21st, wish her a happy 19th birthday.

Now, being such a music enthusiast, I had to ask her about her taste in music. I mean, music is another art form too right? So, long story short, I went ahead and asked. Turns out, she’s pretty open minded about music. Which man is that cool! Some people stick to one genre, but she keeps it versatile. Except country. She prefers not to listen to it, but when she does Carrie Underwood all the way. She says One Direction used to be her favorite band, before the split. Laura’s got a soft spot for the British men, they’re “poppin” as she had described during our conversation.

Considering our setting and all as well, we discussed the class. Laura mentioned how fun art is to her. She also hopes to meet people along the way. And on top of all that, she’s pretty excited about making her own blog. Here’s a quote from our conversation about it!

“I get to make my own blog, heck yeah!”- Laura Nicassio

This conversation with Laura was just a tidbit of who she is. If you couldn’t already get a feel for her personality, maybe you should have one with her yourself. You won’t regret it, she seems to me like a really great person and our conversation was a good one! Before ending this post, I’d like to thank her for sitting down and getting to know me as well. You can also check out her blog posts through the link from this post at the top of page labeled, “Laura’s Blog”.



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